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No other anti-virus that is able to complete with a computer virus, both local and foreign, which are spread in Indonesia and the safe PCMAV.

Generally there is only the antivirus is able to identify and delete files detected bervirus. PCMAV refine the level of accuracy pendeteksian is higher, so that more reliable returns in files, documents and systems that become the target of virus attacks to recover 100%.

With PCMAV, you will find not only antivirus which simply detects the power basminya able to pursue a strong 99.9% of viruses known to the "radical" without damage to the file system and the infected.

Unique blend of features and accuracy, and awareness of the safety system, and file your documents, give perfection a antivirus at PCMAV.

FEATURES & Facts excellent PCMAV
This is the excellence that distinguishes them PCMAV antivirus with others:

- BEST ANTIVIRUS: Recognizing as well the interference computer virus, both viruses, both local and foreign, which are spread in Indonesia, more than other antivirus in the world.

- The INDONESIA: Antivirus production in Indonesia's first national quality in the completely different type of computer virus that interference be naughty with the introduction of the virus and most are very accurate.

- PENDETEKSIAN fastest: With a special algorithm included in the core code components pendeteksiannya, although has the largest database of viruses, PCMAV able to perform so quickly compared to other antivirus that have been produced in Indonesia.

- PENYELAMATAN DOCUMENTS: Folder and file your important documents are hidden (hidden) and infected by the virus can be perfectly restored to 100% without worry or risk of loss of damage to the file.

- RECOVERY SYSTEM: Settingan registry and important system files that Windows has been "broken", either by virus or other anti-virus as a result of the less powerful, is able to regenerate (repair) to completely recover 100%.

- Thorough NET: With the power basmi PCMAV respite, the virus that can be hunted even be naughty at the same time completely cleaned up to the "radical" without the rest.

- Accurate: With a special formula that is able to make unique PCMAV as one of the best antivirus in the world in terms of accuracy pendeteksianvirus known, so that errors in the rescue file can be avoided.

- ON PROTECTING: Designed for pro-active to ensure that a file has been run free of viruses and block viruses before akan spread, even to a new virus not yet known. So you can calm, because when your computer is working, do not stop PCMAV protect.

- AUTO UPDATE: About 100 new viruses discovered each month in Indonesia. Automatically, with the regular online update, PCMAV akan protect your computer from the latest virus threats.

- Recognize NEW VIRUS: Technology "GeneticHeuristic" that is unique to effectively be able to detect a new virus not yet known, even to the virus even new script, which often pass by another antivirus.

- Thorough examination: Technology multi-point scanning in PCMAV effective in avoiding lolosnya virus that is capable of automatically active code injection as well, process, services, and even scheduled.

- DUAL-CORE ANTIVIRUS Engine: Engine PCMAV can be combined with the ClamAV engine to get the results pendeteksian virus protection and more, even up to 500,000 virus / malware over.

- EASY operated: Menu and the display of an antivirus program now are fun, easy to operate and does not ribet.

- WITHOUT INSTALL: PCMAV be portable, so it can be operated directly without the need to install it.

- Expert TERPERCAYA: With experience since 1992, developers in the PC Media antivirus researchers is a computer virus and the antivirus which is very experienced and includes rare in Indonesia. Therefore, we know how to produce correct and reliable antivirus best suit conditions in Indonesia.

Click below to get PCMAV 2.0d

Download PCMAV 2.0d

After you download the file extract the file and run file PCMAV-CLN to get the latest updatetan, PCMAV-CLN After you run the update automatically akan

PCMAV antivirus I also make khususkan d to clean konficker from your computer. please click below to get

Download PCMAV Express For Conficker

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Author: Dede Purnama

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