31% Masalah Ketika Menginstal Windows 7

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Sebelum WIndows 7 direlease, sudah dikeluarkan beberapa versi. Seperti versi beta, RC sampai siap dijual kepasar.Tetapi Windows 7 memiliki masalah, walaupun sudah melangkah dalam beberapa tahapan.Sekitar 31% dimulai ketika pertama di Install.

Dari Arstenica melaporkan masalah yang ada dalam Windows 7 dibawah ini

1. Problems with installation: 31 percent

2. Missing applets or components: 26 percent

3. Aero theme is not running: 14 percent

4. DVD drive not found (this happens despite the drive being visible in the BIOS and the standard driver is working): 8 percent

5. Hidden extensions (Windows Explorer's default setting in all the versions of Windows is to hide file extensions, as well as system files and folders): 6 percent

6. Too many minidumps (By default Windows 7 keeps the last 50; minidumps are the memory images saved on the system when your PC crashes): 6 percent

7. Aero snap problems (Windows 7 has a handy new ability to move and resize windows, all in one movement, but sometimes it does not work as expected and can become annoying): 3 percent

8. Phone won't sync with Windows 7 (usually with the 64-bit edition, the iPhone sometimes get recognized but then iTunes returns with the error 0xE8000065): 2 percent

9. Custom icons get changed with new theme (When a new Windows 7 theme is applied, custom icons can be lost): 2 percent

10. Taskbar problems (In Windows 7, it's difficult to tell at a glance whether an icon is a running application or a pinned shortcut): 1 percent

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