29 April, Google Video 'dies'

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Google finally decided to remove the service Google Video, video sharing site that initially launched the Internet giant's Mountain View home before deciding to buy YouTube. Since May 2009, Google Video users actually can no longer upload videos to the site. But Google has decided to stop the video sharing service that fully, 29 April.

The news was delivered by Google's closing services through emails to its users, last weekend. Google Video users are given time to transfer their videos to 13 May, before the file is completely removed. "Later this month, Google Video service will no longer be used for playback. Google Video no longer be used to upload files since May 2009 and now we will remove content that is still there," explains Google as cited by Pocket Lint, on Tuesday (19 / 4 / 2011).

"We maintain this site because of the power of Google Video is the ability to search videos from all over the web, no matter where the video came from. The decision to close these services will allow us to focus on developing these technologies for the benefit of seekers around the world," he concluded.

Of course, Google urged the users of this service to move their content to YouTube, which "has a lot of video hosting options." Google Video launched in early 2005 as a video search engine. However, following a year later the emergence of YouTube, Google Video popularity soon faded. Google finally bought YouTube for U.S. $ 1, 65 billion.


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