3 Keys Increase Traffic and Page Rank Blog

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Increase traffic and page rank is a pretty heavy job for a blogger. Blogs with high traffic and page rank is the dream of every blogger. In both cases, we can get sufficient income from our blogging activity. Increase traffic and page rank though difficult, if we understand how it is not as complicated as imagined. It only takes a little patience and hard work. The following tips:

# 1 Make a pillar content. The definition of pillar content here is an article that is very strong and original, or in other words the best articles from all posts that you will ever make. Write an article related to the topic of your blog with as attractive as possible. Avoid topics that are common and much talked about on other blogs. By making content pillar, you can improve at the same time add new visitors to your blog.

# 2 When you create content pillar, submitkan you the best articles to article directories such renowned EzineArticles.com. The article could be submitted to the directory must be in English. The more often you put your best articles to that directory, the more likely your blog be found by search engines. Another advantage is that we can leave our blog url in each of the articles we submit. That means, the more backlinks to our blog, and automatically our opportunities to improve the page rank becomes even greater.

# 3 Submit your blog to directories like BlogTopSites.com famous. Submit blogs to the directory is easy and fast (only about 10 minutes). Find a category that most closely with the topic of your blog, and list your blog on the spot. After that you will be given a line of code should you put in your blog. The code works to see your blog traffic growth through BlogTopSites.com. Based on experience, at least you'll get a flood of 1 to 10 visitors per day from this directory.

Try these three tips above apply. Get traffic and high page rank requires little hard work. But it was worth the results we will obtain in the future.


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