Apple Beats Nokia

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Apple managed to overtake Nokia and become the largest handset maker by revenue in the world. Similarly, recent research by Strategy Analytics first quarter of 2011, as quoted from Cellular News, Saturday, April 23, 2011. That way, in terms of revenue, Apple has officially become the largest vendor of smartphones and tablet computers in the world.

"We estimate gross revenue for Apple's handset division, particularly the iPhone, was recorded at U.S. $ 11.9 billion (equivalent to Rp102, 5 trillion) in the first quarter of 2011," said Alex Spektor, one senior analyst at Strategy Analytics.

"Apple beyond Nokia for the first time, whichever is smaller income pocketed U.S. $ 9.5 billion of total wholesale revenues," says Spektor. "With a large production volume and wholesale prices remained high, Apple is expected to shift the position of Nokia as a whole in less than four years."

Meanwhile, Strategy Analytics Director Neil Mawston said that Apple has not only become the king of the world's largest mobile phone only, but also in the line of smartphones and tablet computers. Apple ecosystem built over the years, includes software, hardware, and service, proven extremely profitable and increasingly popular in the world.

However, after 'war' continues. Competition was stronger. Apple's rivals around to watch, especially Android phone vendor community. On the volume side, the iPhone will most likely be "rolled" by the Smartphone OS Android-based smartphone. At the end of the year, sales are estimated Android will be more in demand than Apple.

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