BlackBerry Bold 9780 Onyx II Presents His predecessor Bold Generation Perfection

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For users and fans of the Blackberry smart phone community, of course, familiar with the existence of Onyx aka BlackBerry Bold 9700, is not it? Because of the success of its predecessor, aka the BlackBerry Bold 9700 is Onyx, may have made Research In Motion (RIM) to remove re-gress the more recent successor of the BlackBerry Bold aka 9780 Onyx II to the market late last year. And after its emergence, the smartphone known as the Onyx II is reported to have penetrated Indonesia and sold on the market.

Smartphone released late last year, the special for marketing in Indonesia has been handled by PT. Teletama Artha Mandiri (TAM), which acts as the first official local distributor of BlackBerry in Indonesia. Based on observations in the market, the average seller Onyx II price pegged at around Rp. 4.2 s / d 5.5 million. And it's certainly cheaper than Canada and the United States market that reportedly cost Rp 4.5 million, without being tied to a contract with the operator.

So what's the benefits of the BlackBerry Bold 9780 or Onyx II? If physically reviewed, figure itself is not much different in the presence of previous series Blackberry Bold Blackberry Bold 9700 or Onyx. And even a cursory both nearly the same. However, it is, one of the advantages that belongs Onyx Onyx II than previously is located on the existence of operating system support. If Onyx previously supported by the BlackBerry operating system 5, while the Onyx II has been presented with the latest operating system from RIM of BlackBerry OS 6, and this is exactly the same as the support given to the BlackBerry Torch 9800.

In addition to support the BlackBerry operating system 6, RIM has also improved multimedia capabilities, especially the camera. Compared with previous Onyx dibesut only in the presence of 3.15-megapixel camera, BlackBerry Bold 9780 or Onyx II itself has dibesut with the existence of reliable capacity of a 5 megapixel camera complete with auto focus capability, scene modes, image stabilization, flash, 2x Digital Zoom and features a video recorder.

On the memory side of the Onyx II was superior. If Onyx previously only supported with 256MB RAM, Onyx II has been increased to 512MB. That way, the presence of memory support has been improved, of course, very influential on the performance of software better. In addition, the alias BalckBerry Bold Onyx II 9780 also allows additional storage media with a card slot up to 32GB capacity, while the Onyx is only up to 16GB only.

"We are excited to introduce the BlackBerry Bold 9780 by BlackBerry's latest operating system 6," said Carlo Chiarello, RIM's Vice President of Product Management in his official statement at the end of years ago. "This model is based on experience of what the users liked the BlackBerry Bold. We provide several upgrades, including tamplian new interface, fast WebKit based browsers, multimedia capabilities and enhanced memory, "he explained.

BlackBerry Bold aka Onyx II 9780 is a compact and stylish smartphone that offers a blend of features, performance and attractive design. It supports 3G networks worldwide, including Wi-Fi with support for Wi-Fi phone carriers are supported (UMA if available) and GPS for location-based applications and geo-tagging. This smartphone also brings an updated UI, WebKit-based browser and universal search, and applications of music and pictures later. In the presence of the BlackBerry operating system 6 is, the performance of this smartphone will be increased as to simplify the management of social networking and RSS feeds (social feeds), a link to access the BBM (BlackBerry Messenger), Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, and various instant messaging applications (IM .)

For the existence of a QWERTY keypad on the BlackBerry flagship Onyx II is also still no noticeable difference compared to previous Onyx. By giving kenyamaan and convenience to its users, will certainly facilitate the process of typing a message (SMS) and Email. Typical generation retained Bold Onyx II. Just look at the orange peel texture on the back cover. Similarly, the mechanism for opening the battery cover, remains the same with Onyx before. Coupled with models of sliding down a key mechanism for the withdrawal was not using other types of BlackBerry in general.

Therefore, the overall design of the BlackBerry Bold aka 9780 Onyx II is like a nut cut in half with Onyx aka BlackBerry Bold 9700. So, make an already accustomed to using the first or minimal Onyx aka Gemini Curve 8520, certainly will not be awkward anymore on operate.

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