British Scientists Create Tool Talk

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A group of British researchers developed the tools to talk. With this tool, people who larynx, or the base of his throat removed, either due to cancer or injury, could return to speak. For information, today, people that his larynx removed will be given a valve in his throat to divert air from the lungs into the esophagus or throat. However, this valve becomes obsolete after use and must be replaced every few months.

Now, the researchers found that once a replacement tool can detect and translate the facial movements when someone tries to say a word. "We managed to retrieve information from how they move the lips, teeth and tongue. From that information, we reconstruct their speech, "said Phil Green, a researcher from the University of Sheffield, England, as quoted from MedIndia, 26 April 2011.

The device itself uses a small magnet placed in the mouth and the tongue to form a magnetic field. The sensor then mounted on an external headset device to detect changes in the magnetic field inside the patient's mouth while trying to pronounce the sentence. "So far, the system we've created a new indeed recognize only about 50 words only," said Green.

However, the addition of vocabulary is not to be the next target of the researchers. "The plan to do next is to develop a magnet that can be mounted on the tongue," said James Gilbert, chairman of the research team from the University of Hull. Also, Gilbert said, his team also aims to reduce the size of the headset is used as small as possible. The possibility of Bluetooth devices.

Title Post: British Scientists Create Tool Talk
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