Criteria for Computer Virus

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As with other computer programs, computer virus is a common computer program. However, there are fundamental differences between computer viruses with other computer programs. A computer virus is a program that has a different ability to infect other programs.

The term "virus" was first used by Fred Cohen in 1984. This term is used because this computer virus programs have in common with the viruses used in medical terms. Yes, sebuh komputersengaja virus created to infiltrate into other programs, infect, alter, manipulate, even to spoil it.
Criteria for Computer Virus

A program is "worth" is categorized as a virus or if at least has the following five criteria.

1. Virus Able to Obtain Information

A virus will require a list of files in a directory for a program that will recognize him tulari, such as files which have extension *. doc.

A macro virus that has to recognize this file will try best to create a new file list of all file. Once the new file list in the form of the virus file was created, usually the original files are erased or hidden viruses.

2. An Able Virus Checking Program

A virus must have the ability to examine a program that is about to acquire. The virus must be able to ensure that the chosen file is not yet contracted the virus, because it's useless infect a file or program that has been infected.

For that, the virus usually mark a program that has contracted with to provide unique byte size. Usually only given the size of 1kb only.

3. Self Replicating Virus Capable

This is a must-have capability of the virus. Because after all, the core of a virus is its ability to replicate. Ways used by viruses to replicate is to delete files that have been selected, then make a copy of his with the same name, but it was a virus.

Now, computer users who do not know that the file is a virus, it is not impossible to open or execute the file. When execution is the ability of the virus to replicate will be used. The virus will infect or infecting other programs that are in the same directory with a virus that is being executed.

4. Virus Able to Perform Manipulation

Once the virus infects a program or file, usually Routine (Routine) owned by a virus will be executed. Usually the contents of this routine is very diverse, ranging from the most simple to the complex which mempu damaging the computer's performance. Most of the content owned Routine viruses used to manipulate the program and not infrequently also to popularize the name of the maker

This routine will destroy and manipulate the ability of an operating system so that this virus will have the same ability with the operating system that has been ditularinya. Some things are wont to do this routine is as follows.

- Manipulating an infected program or file
- Create a picture or message on the monitor
- Corrupting the program or file
- Disrupting the work printer, etc.
- Replace / change the change the label of each file, directory, or labels from the drive on the pc.

5. Virus Able to Hide Yourself

Ability to hide this an absolute must-have for any virus penginfeksian plan a program from start to finish can run smoothly and unnoticed by computer users. The ability of the virus is indicated in the following way.

- The original program or virus is stored in coded form and machines combined with other programs that are considered useful by the user.
- Boot virus program is placed on a rarely used Recordatautrack
- The virus does not change the description of time a file
- Virus program is made as short as possible, and the results of the infected file does not change size.

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