Hacker jail 2 Years For 100 Thousand Virus Spread

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A computer hacker was sentenced to 24 months or 2 out behind bars, because it proved guilty spread the virus that infected about 100,000 computers around the world and directed them to attack the media outlets that carried stories about him. Federal prosecutors convict Bruce Raisley, 48, of Kansas City, Missouri. He was sentenced to six months ago due to launch a malicious computer program designed to attack computers and internet sites.

Raisley was a former volunteer for the organization monitors the judiciary, who worked with the police and the reality show "To Catch a Predator." Features hidden camera investigation of adults trolling for sex with underage girls and boys.

According to court documents, Raisley left the organization after a dispute with the group's founder, Xavier Von Erck. So that was reported by Reuters on Monday (4/18/2011). Angry with his boss, Erck, he responded by pretending to be a woman named "Holly" and start an online relationship with Raisley, who finally agreed to leave his wife for "Holly,".

Court documents say that Raisley then developed a computer virus to attack the sites where the articles were posted. In addition to two years imprisonment, Raisley also have to pay more than USD90.000 in restitution to the affected sites.


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