MOLESTER caught Online, Try Husband Kills Wife

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A man from Rockland, Maine, United States, trying to kill his own wife, after his wife knew that her husband online cheating with his old girlfriend. Charles Black, accused of hitting his wife's head with a rock, dragged him to the cliff and pushed off the cliff is. Remarkably, the wife was still alive! Similarly, as quoted by Gizmodo, Friday (22/04/2011).

Local police said the motive for Black to do this is because his wife, Lisa, find online Black affair with a former girlfriend. Lisa had just received the estate amounted to $ 4 million. In his report to the police, Lisa says that Black tried to kill him, by pointing the location where the Black hit him.

"He did not remember been hit Lisa, tossed off a cliff. Black said that if this really happened, he did not remember and do not know why he did this," uajr the police regarding the recognition of Black. With the estate amounted to $ 4 million, it seems difficult to guess what the real motivation Black until he could do such cruel things.

Title Post: MOLESTER caught Online, Try Husband Kills Wife
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