Reader Digital Made in Indonesia Not Lose Sophisticated

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One of the most popular applications began to bloom when the device is a digital tablet reader for reading digital books. Each tablet device manufacturer typically includes built-in applications. However, the digital reader applications made by independent local developer is equally good. Local developers in the country also helped to enliven the new trend of content reading digital books. One of them WayangForce, an artificial digital reader Phasedev. One of the advantages of WayangForce is a multi-platform. WayangForce available on the IPAD, Android and online at the website

"Many digital reader which is only exclusive to one platform. In our opinion this is wrong, because the publisher and the media want to get broad exposure and accessibility. Looking at our statistics, which read through our site too much," said Wenas Agusetiawan, CEO of the broadcast PhaseDev received press Finally, WayangForce just released a new version for the iPad. With the release of this latest version, expected user experience for the better and faster. "We welcome constructive feedback from our users," said Wenas. "In just one month, we have improved the performance and capabilities WayangForce, and has now been approved by Apple," he added.

WayangForce developed by PhaseDev, a local startup in the field of mobile. They develop WayangForce because they see the trend of digital reader in 4 years will be more dominant than the print media. "It's not his time anymore to go to the bookstore or newsstand. Just go to apps WayangForce, select, pay, or for a free live download and magazines can be read," said Jeff Anthony, CTO PhaseDev.

The average size of files that must be downloaded for a smaller 20 percent of digital readers. In fact there are up to 50 percent. Move around the page even now a lot faster."Our servers are also in Indonesia, so it becomes faster and faster download time. We dare to compare with digital readers, even those that have Apple once did. We do not want to get too fancy, but more to usability," he explained.

Currently WayangForce are conducting cooperation with several publishers like megindo, Kompas, Gramedia, SWA, Millennia Media, Balai Pustaka and much more. "We not only focus on the magazine. In addition to magazines, we also approached the publisher of books and comics. We even support self-publishing," said Rinanti, marketing for WayangForce. "Anyway we do not restrict only major publisher-publisher," he said.

Regarding the payment mechanism, especially for iPad using a credit card that has been integrated with the App Store. Meanwhile, for websites and Android, WayangForce using a voucher mechanism with units of Rp 20,000, Rp 50,000 and Rp 100,000.

PhaseDev Wenas Agusetiawan developed by the trio as the CEO, Dimas Surya as CFO and Jeffrey Anthony as CTO. Under their leadership, PhaseDev has now become a thriving business and has been profitable, with 30 professional software developers in their three departments: the development of mobile applications, desktop application development and website development. Previously, Phasedev also working on several applications for local companies such as Good Group, Toshiba Computer, Bank Mega, Tempo, megindo, and so forth.

Title Post: Reader Digital Made in Indonesia Not Lose Sophisticated
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