Risks and Benefits of Social Networks In The Workplace

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Social networks? Not that we need to prevent? Why do we have to face the risk with something that adds value for very little, maybe even a threat to the company? Does that argument sound familiar? Social networks thrive as one of the main ways to communicate. Along with the entry of new generation into the world of work, these companies have a dilemma "lock social networking sites and deal with employees who are not satisfied, or give unlimited access and experience lack of productivity."

However, the problem is not black and white. As a medium of communication, there may be benefits to be gained from social networks to develop a working relationship. Companies need to adapt and develop strategies and policies that consider the risks and benefits. That's our goal this time, look at the risks and benefits. It provides unlimited access to social networking sites can charge the company spending, but to consider that many companies who benefit from social networking sites.
The risk of social networking at work

Why are social networking sites can be a burden? Here are some explanations of the most reasonable and acceptable.
Reduced productivity

Reduced productivity is the most common reason leveled the management to block access to social networking sites. As ever the BBC News, UK Portsmounth City Council banned access to Facebook, Twitter and the like, after finding that some employees spend nearly 400 hours a month on up. This shows that the salary is wasted, and make taxpayers angry.

For reasons of national security, U.S. Marine Corps also made similar decisions in relation to Facebook. Of the few employees who were interviewed Nucleus Reserch, found that 77 percent of employees who have a Facebook account, 61 percent visited him while in the workplace for an average of 15 minutes per day, which resulted in his lack of productivity of 1.47 percent of the total employee population.

Although we can not ascertain whether the study group truly representative, because it contains only 237 employees, the facts show that people can easily tempted by the social networks and wasted too much time working. Studies conducted Nucleus Research also found that one of the 33 employees make up their profiles in the workplace, and 87 percent said that they basically opened up that has nothing to do with work. Ironic indeed.

Malware, identity theft and data leakage

Social networking sites can be a "vehicle" sending malware and spyware that secretly planted cybercriminal. These malicious programs can spread throughout the company's internal network. With sisitem and destroy or disable the data required employees to do their job, melware can give a tremendous impact on productivity, while "wasting time" part of IT.

Malware and spyware can also bombard significant internal network. With spam, phishing attacks, and steal user names and passwords. In addition, the time required for the IT and attacks against malwere spywere can be very expensive.


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