Should Iran Ready to Confront Cyber ​​War

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Iranian officials reported that his country was attacked by a new worm, dubbed Stars. The cyber attack was announced by Gholam Reza Jalali, director of the institute in Iran's Passive Defense Organization and assessed orchestrated by the enemies of Iran. Stars itself is a virus that attacks the Iranian nation, after Stuxnet which hit the country in September. Stuxnet supposedly specifically designed to tear tear apart the country's nuclear facilities.

Iranian authorities confirmed that a variety of cyber attacks has been attacking computer systems in several industries. But not until there is serious damage was detected by Iranian technicians had just went. Nevertheless, important for the Iranian Jalali rate continues to prepare for cyber attacks that might be more sophisticated in the future.

Jalali themselves consider a variety of attacks, among others, orchestrated and financed by the enemy like the United States and Israel. He also asked the Iranian authorities to act against them and make special rules about it.

Title Post: Should Iran Ready to Confront Cyber ​​War
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