Accelerate your old Computer Performance

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Many ways to improve computer performance and accelerate the speed of your application. This time there is some software that you can use for free and can produce a faster speed than before using this software. This software has been tested kehandalanya so that it can be used without fear of instability in the computer / notebook for long. Software include:

- Smart Defrag
- ATF Cleaner
- CCleaner

Third this software you can exploit in a way:
- Third Install this software
- Began to open the ATF cleaner, from which there are a few choice options that must be checked, checked everything aja
- Then click empty selected, wrong
- Proceed with an application close the ATF Cleaner and CCleaner application opens
- You must first select the Analyze, wait until finished
- Then click Run Cleaner, wait until finished
- Then please select Registry
- Click the Scan for Issues
- Select Selected Issues, aja proceed here by choosing the answer No, in the sense that here you do not need to make a backup registry that already exist today, because CCleaner only clean the registry of the few programs that do not jeopardize the program in your windows. Wait until finished.
- The next step is to repair your system registry and repair your disk using Smart Defrag. In Smart Defrag is no drop down menu that contains "Defrag Only", "Fast Optimize" and "Deep Optimize". Obviously the first option did not take long, second and third options the longer. That is the time needed to make the best performance for your hard drive speed takes a long time if you select the option Optimize Fast and Deep Optimize.
- To save time please you choose Defrag Only. The function will rearrange the spaces in your disk so that makes your discs more durable.
- Continue until finished, please Shut Down your computer or laptop, and now you can switch back and see the results.

This trick works to improve the performance of computers and most of the resources taken from the speed of RAM and disk rotation speed. If your windows software is back to normal, then the logic speed computer or laptop you can be faster. If the above tricks do not have any effect on the performance of your computer, then you should double-check that in your laptop computer or hidden viruses or other malware. Please check with your service person.

Title Post: Accelerate your old Computer Performance
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