Apple and Google Ducking Questions Data Collection

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The politicians in the United States (U.S.) called for a rethink about the privacy laws about collecting data. This is to dispel upgrades smartphone to access sensitive information such as location, contacts, consumer habits and passwords. But Apple and Google, two companies that was highlighted related to this issue, try to give understanding. When testifying before the U.S. senate council member, both said the collection of this data allows them to provide various services that consumers want. And both Apple and Google insisted convinced that it does not interfere with the privacy of mobile users.

"Many of you who feel the benefits of this service," said Google's Public Policy Director, Alan Davidson. He gave an example, various services such as viewing real time traffic and road mapping, helping users on the move. Likewise, data such as gas stations and restaurants nearby that will let users.

Apple's vice president of Software Technology, Guy Tribble, express the same opinion. He also insisted that Apple is committed to protecting the privacy of all users. As is known, the issue of privacy back to hit the Apple and Google. Both have been accused of secretly spy phone user and collect users' personal data. Both Apple and Google are urged to provide options for users to not disable this function.

Title Post: Apple and Google Ducking Questions Data Collection
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