Applications Windows Phone Dhammapada, Buddha's Word Poem

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Sabbe Satta Bhavantu Sukhitatta. May all beings be happy. Tri Completing this Vesak Day Saints, detikINET presents a review of practical applications for Buddhists. This is a very decent pocket Dhammapada downloaded. For those who do not yet understand, the Buddhist scriptures (Tripitaka) consists of: Sutta Pitaka, Abdhidama Pitaka and the Vinaya Pitaka. Dhammapada itself belongs to the holy book of the Sutta Pitaka.

Dhammapada is the most famous holy books by Buddhists and non Buddhists. Dhammapada consists of 423 books of poetry and in for to a 26 vaggas and very useful for everyday life. Dhammapada is a collection of words of the Buddha Gautama circa 563-483 BC. Dhammapada scriptures gathered roughly around the third century BC, gathered by his student, so be a series of books. But in this era, it would be more practical if you bring the book in an application.

When tested detikINET, this application has the strength on practicality. With beautiful illustrations and poems are connected, each can be impregnated in a practical vaggas. Simply slide your finger to the screen once finished reading it. Of course this application is to use English because it is freely downloadable and free. Another advantage of the Dhammapada application is located on the index that allows us to find 26 vaggas to be read. We also can save your favorite poem in it.

"There is no safe protection in this world, except the Dhamma which is practiced with sincerity. Congratulations to celebrate the feast of Vesak 2011. Namo Tassa Bhagavato Arahato Sammasambuddhassa ..." * Dhammapada can be obtained free of charge at the Windows Marketplace. In the test, using a mobile phone HTC detikINET HD7 with operating system Windows 7 Phone

Title Post: Applications Windows Phone Dhammapada, Buddha's Word Poem
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