CamStudio Capture, Free Application To Capture Video Screen Shot

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Have you ever wanted to do video capture of screen shots on the computer screen? Have you ever seen a video tutorial that there are screen shots of the tutorial from a computer screen? If you ever find things like that, maybe terbesit in your mind to make the same thing to be enjoyed by others. There are many software that can be used to capture video from a high quality to the mundane, from free to paid, from the particular to the video capture screen shots until the menrupakan small part of the video editing software. They all have advantages and disadvantages of each.

One of the software that was specifically created to capture screen shots of the video is CamStudio. This software is open source and can be obtained free of charge. The quality of video from CamStudio also quite good, not inferior to paid software.

Some things you should know about CamStudio namely:
- Result video capture AVI and SWF format that can be selected prior to capture screen shots of the process is executed.
- Video width can be adjusted according to the width of the media who wish to be recorded. You can select the Region (The size can be determined), Fixed Region (size in pixels), Full Screen (closing screen).
- Supports voice recorder into a video. There are two audio inputs that can be selected, whether recording from a microphone or the audio output system computer / notebook.

If you want perfect video quality over again, you can download Lossless Codec that is provided by the developer as an additional CamStudio capture video. The way is to download the codec and install it into the computer. wear it was quite easy, just run this application then click the red button (record) to start recording video from screen shots. When finished press the stop button and enter the file name of the recording. If you want to use the full screen view, simply click on the menu and then select Fixed Region


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