Data broken, Sony Apologizes

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Sony Corp. apologized for their negligence in securing the personal data of consumers. Sony promised to reactivate the online PlayStation Network games after they improve safety standards. "The return of some services may take place within a week," said Kazuo Hirai, Sony Executive Deputy President, is responsible for product and service network.

This should be done because on April 20, then Sony's PlayStation network and disable the digital music service Qriocity by reason of external interference. Apparently, when the PlayStation network and Qriocity was laid waste by hackers (hackers) and resulted in 77 million jebolnya second user identity that network, such as e-mail address, birth date, and a password. Hirai and two other officials also bowed and apologized at a press conference yesterday. "We are very sorry for causing problems and concerns of our customers," said Hirai. Jebolnya customer data, it also allows hackers to have their credit card information.

Hirai said, Sony has cooperated with authorities, including the Federal Bureau of Investigation, to pursue the intruder. Sony faces lawsuit over delays in information about any cases of data theft that might be hackers. This company just remind customers on April 26, or six days after the closure of the PS network and stream music Qriocity. The lawsuit was filed on 27 April in San Francisco federal court, U.S..

Today, the company is investigating the extent of data theft occurs. However, they have not found evidence of leakage of information on 10 million credit cards that have been listed on Sony data. Sony also has not received reports of misuse of credit cards or personal data since the attacks data center in San Diego on April 17 to 19 last. "We believe the security code safe," said Hirai.

This company probably will pay a fee to reissue credit card customers and to consider compensation to the user that the card has been misused hackers. "This compensation may be an effect on Sony's earnings," he said. (Cash / J. Ani Kristanti)

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