Developer Site Final Fantasy hacker infiltrated

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Detailed information about 25 thousand gamers at risk to leak, but confirmed credit card information is safe. So the announcement is delivered Square Enix, after hackers hit game for the service of security systems. CBR Security, on Monday (5/16/2011), a Japanese game publisher known for its Final Fantasy games, Dragon Quest and Tomb Raider is acknowledged that hackers have been breaking into their sites.

The risk, hackers can access e-mail address 25 thousand consumers and download the CV of 350 prospective employees to be based in Canada Square Enix. "Square Enix confirmed, a group of hackers to gain access to some sites we, as well as two sites of our products," Square Enix said in a statement.

But Square Enix's attempt to calm the users of its services, that credit card information remains secure. "This email address is not associated with other personal information. This is the registration email address that we provide for users to receive updates of our products," says Square Enix. As a result of this event, Square Enix temporarily shut down its Web site to investigate and take further action to improve the security of the site. Square Enix has not been able to confirm when the site will be operational again.

Square Enix video game company became the second Japanese who experienced a cyber attack in less than two months. Previously, large-scale cyber attack that forced him to turn off overwrite Sony PlayStation Network service. More severe than that experienced by Square Enix, Sony is believed to have conceded data services 77 million users worldwide.

Title Post: Developer Site Final Fantasy hacker infiltrated
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