Do not be Fooled "Spam" up Made Local

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Lately a lot of seduction on Facebook that offers users to be able to see anyone who had seen their profile. But in fact not the lure of a get, but instead interfere with anyone who clicked the bid. This new form of spam circulating on the social networking service. Alfons Tanujaya of Vaksincom, digital security solutions provider company, said it is an act of community that called itself Jempolers Indonesia who carry out the action since 29 April 2011.

They utilize narsistis desire of the members up to find anyone who saw her profile. Victims who are trapped will activate what was ordered and sent a message up chat to all your contacts. The technique used is similar "Find Your stalkers", exploitation techniques that had circulated Javascript. Remarkably, just three nights of this spam successfully killed hundreds of thousands of users up Indonesia.

According to the monitoring Vaksincom, from 29 April 2011 until May 2, 2011, the victim who "likes" (like) the site has reached more than 750,000 owner of the account up. In addition, the exploitation of JavaScript is also able to post to the Facebook profile victim. The victim will be brought into Indonesia Jempolers page that will ask you to run a script. If victims do step in accordance with the instructions given then at that time also the exploitation of the Javascript programming gap at FB server is started and coding of this evil will be able to deliver messages to all contacts FB FB Chat at you and do a post on your profile.

Remarkably, this profile posts at the same time also serves as a promotional lure of false or that as if the application to see the "Who's Viewing My Profile" is really functioning. And, in fact it does not exist and posts the data shown are mock data that profiles the contact data retrieve and display the number of views at random.

One thing to note from this action is not using this coding applications (Apps) up so it can not be blocked by Facebook or a user up through the "Privacy Settings" on Facebok and is likely to exploit security holes in server up. Therefore, all Facebook users who use any OS, including smartphones, are vulnerable to this exploitation.

Therefore, Vaksincom advises users up to do not easily believe in a link or any links provided by your Facebook contacts, even if that friend, ex-boyfriend, brother, or your wife though. Especially at the weekend, this application will be launched by the creators to get maximum casualties. If you are already a victim of this application, to prevent more victims, please immediately delete posts made by this application from your profile and inform the contacts up to do the same and be careful of any link that is sent from FB Chat.

Title Post: Do not be Fooled "Spam" up Made Local
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