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Google AdSense is an advertising program of cooperation through the Internet media held by Google. Through the Google AdSense advertising program, owners of sites or blogs that have been registered and approved by its membership be allowed to advertise that the shape and material have been determined by Google in their web pages. The owner of a site or blog will get revenue in the form of profit sharing from Google for each ad clicked by visitors to the site. This system is known as a pay per click (PPC) or pay per click. In addition to providing ads with pay-per-click system, also provides a Google AdSense AdSense for search (AdSense for Search) and referral ads (Referral).

On Google AdSense for search, site owners can install the Google search box on their web pages. The site owner will get revenue from Google for each search conducted visitors through the search box that continues to click on ads that are included in the search results. Meanwhile, on referral ads, site owners will receive an income after click on the ad continues with certain actions by visitors who have agreed between Google and advertisers.

Google AdSense Program Policies
Although the AdSense program provides great benefits, Google set strict rules to protect the interests of all involved parties, including advertisers often harmed by the site owner improperly the actions of the AdSense program. Some restrictions that must be adhered to the Google website or blog owner's AdSense program participants, among them as follows.

- Clicking on the ads displayed their own sites, either manually or with the help of special software.

- Deliberately encouraging visitors to click on ads that are displayed. For example, in advertising provided the words, like "click the ads " or "visit this page. "

- Changing the shape and size of advertisements that have been determined by Google.

- Creating a direct link to the page of search results AdSense for search.

- Automatically fill the AdSense search box with a certain keyword.

- Manipulate target ads with keywords hidden or with IFRAME.

- AdSense ad unit code must be placed directly on the site without changing the html code. The site owner is not allowed to alter the AdSense code for any reason. For example, with the purpose of showing the results click on the pop-up or divert advertising targets.

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