Google Chrome Support Gay Campaign

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The team of Google Chrome has created a video of support for gay teens, which is part of a campaign 'It Gets Better'. Video duration of 91 seconds it combines some inspirational clips from YouTube channel 'It Gets Better'. The project was started by gay rights activists, Dan Savage. In September 2010, Savage decided to create a special channel on YouTube to gay teens who want to express an opinion or send a message. Similarly, as quoted by Mashable, Thursday (05/05/2011).

To her surprise, turned out to line It Gets Better get a big response from many people. Some people who make video support for the channel is Neil Patrick Harris, British Prime Minister David Cameron and several Apple employees. Even president Obama also uploading video support for gay teens.

Video support from Google Chrome is quite interesting, because it also appears Adam Lambert, Lady Gaga, Kathy Griffin and even character Woody from Toy Story. In addition, the video also contains a message of support from the community. This is not the first time that Google followed this project, some Google employees that gays and lesbians also post videos to the channel.

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Author: Dede Purnama

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