Google Helps Track Activities Dengue Fever in Indonesia

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Dengue Google introduced Google Trends, which can be used to help monitor the spread of Dengue Fever. Indonesian data were available. Dengue Google Trends can be accessed at a special site under the domain DHF activity in Indonesia is monitored by tracking the search for particular words on Google.

Dengue Google Trends can provide an early indicator of dengue activity, even before any official announcement from the government. According to the Directorate of Animal Disease Control Sourced (Dir P2B2), Ministry of Health of the Republic of Indonesia, in 2010 and Indonesia has the highest dengue cases in ASEAN. The number of 150,000 cases by 1317 people died.

Dengue Google Trends uses the same methodology as Google Trends Flu, other surveillance equipment that uses a combination of Google search data to predict flu activity around the world. Dengue Google Trends is also available in Bolivia, Brazil, India and Singapore. As for the United States, Google is developing similar tools for various purposes named Google Correlate which is still in the form of an experiment at Google Labs.

Title Post: Google Helps Track Activities Dengue Fever in Indonesia
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