Google's Data Center Cool Sea Water Use

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Google in Finland have a unique new way to cool at the same time environmentally friendly data center. The giant search engine that will utilize sea water. Hamina data center is being built is not going to use a chiller in the cooling system. Instead, water from the Baltic Sea was deliberately flushed to keep the servers stay cool.

Google paid USD 52 million to the Summa paper mill which has a land area of ​​410 hectares. And this, Google's new data center was built. In the footage showing how the data center Hamina, it appears that the data center is to collect cold water through a pipe diameter of 2 meters. The water flows through a channel that previously have been built by paper mills and water pumps use 20-year-old.

Water will run through the four systems and meet for a 'hot swap'. Water is a heat exchanger will cool the separate flow and leading to the data center. "We minimize the impact on the environment in this region," said Google's senior director of data centers that handle construction, Joe Kava​​.

Reportedly, the overall construction of these structures cost up to USD 260 million, this has included the purchase of land. But Google's rate is very reasonable price considering the long term, the company can cut costs for cooling significantly. In addition to utilizing sea water, data center Hamina also reportedly going to use wind power from the Wind Park is located not far from the data center.

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