Hacker Revealed breaker Start PSN

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Sony finally found little evidence in the attack Netwok PlayStation (PSN), one of which is a log that refers to the hacker group Anonymous. Jebolnya PSN network had indeed made ​​history as one of the largest data theft ever. Services that are now forced to be disabled in order to prevent something worse.

But it later emerged the perpetrator to leave the trail. Its contents, files that refer to well-known hacker group, Anonymous. Anonymous Group itself had admitted going to continue pounding the entire service Sony, including PSN. But the hacker group Wikileaks supporters would not if linked with the theft of data on the service.

In addition, Anonymous also known to make a special channel on an IRC server to organize movements. But after further explored, all the logs on the track has been removed for a week and is increasingly strengthening its involvement. Anonymous can not ascertain the involvement of the theft of data on PSN. But clearly, Sony promised to continue to hunt down the perpetrators responsible.

"We are very sorry about this attack, and please note we also feel upset as you feel. We will proceed aggressively to find the perpetrators of the attacks," SCEE Nick Caplin Head of communications, some time ago.


Title Post: Hacker Revealed breaker Start PSN
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