Hackers Can Attack via Graphics Cards

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Leading browser such as Firefox 4, Chrome and Safari, began to utilize the sophistication of the graphics card to open a special website. Well, it turns out it can also be used hackers to attack. This was disclosed by a British security agencies, Context, which mentions some of the weaknesses of the Web Graphics Library (WebGL).

With WebGL, an a browser can directly communicate with the Application Programming Interface (API) in the graphics card. Its function, in order to facilitate browser-based site featuring HTML5. WebGL itself began to be built since the presence of Firefox 4 and the latest Chrome, many also think this could be a Flash replacement that has been long in power. So, how WebGL can be used to attack?

Because it can access directly to the graphics card, an attacker could manipulate a special script on the site that can make computers overwhelmed. In addition to a PC can deplete resources, the script is reportedly also can make a 'gap' on a computer system so vulnerable. "We have been very easy to perform DDos attack. But when the attacker was able to take over the computer components, the attacks became more dangerous," claims Context institution


Title Post: Hackers Can Attack via Graphics Cards
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Author: Dede Purnama

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