How To Download Videos From Facebook

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Through a video, we can also share stories or experiences to draw us to others. Maybe you've found some videos about you on the facebook account of your friends, but experienced difficulties when they wanted to save the video. Each time it discusses how to download the videos using an additional application for the Mozilla Firefox browser called Flash And Video.

1. Because of additional applications that we use today is only intended for the Mozilla Firefox browser, there must first application is the browser you are using Mozilla Firefox.

2. Before you start using this application, you must install it first. Point your browser window to https: / / / en-US / firefox / addon / download-flash-and-video /. Then click the Add To Firefox.

3. Before installing them, your Mozilla browser will ask permission to install additional applications on your browser application. Click the ALLOW you to continue the installation process. Click the Install Now button to begin installing the application Flash And Video.

4. After the installation is done, then the browser Mozilla Firefox will provide additional confirmation that an application has been fully installed. Click the Restart Firefox button for additional applications can function properly.

5. After restarting your browser, log into your facebook account to start downloading the video you want.

6. After finding the video that you want, click on the video. Click the down arrow to the picture of the blue to start downloading these videos.

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