How To Import Into Twitter Blog Postings

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For lovers of Blogger and Twitter, Twitter account and make your blog to connect with one another, so that every time you do a posting on the blog, it will automatically post in your blog into your Twitter too. Not like Facebook, Twitter, in this case does not have special features that allow us to import by express post. But this is not impossible that means it can be done with a few tricks. Through service, things that do not allow it to turn into reality. Fine, let's go directly to the stages:

- Point your browser to Before using the services provided, we have to register first. Click the Register Now link.

- To use this service feature, there are 3 easy steps we need to do. For the first step: Create Feed. Enter Feed Name and address of RSS feeds that will be addressed. Use the Test button to check whether the RSS Feeds RSS address you entered is correct and can be accessed into Twitter. Then do not forget to give a check list (tick) on the Active option. After that, click the Continue To Step.

- Next to the Configure Publishing Service, on the Available Service, select menu Twitter, because we will link it to our Twitter account.

- In this next section we will make arrangements to link to your Twitter account. Select Authenticate New Twitter Account.

- Then fill in the e-mail address and password of your Twitter account. Click the Authorize button App to allow it to connect with your Twitter account.

- Next, you can simply activate the feature of this service by clicking the Create button Service. After that you will get a confirmation, that you have successfully configured Feed setting on your twitter account.

- And lastly, you can see results in your own Twitter account pages.

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