How To Install or Repair Windows XP, Vista, 7

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How To Install Windows Repair is right? This question is still often arise from some visitors. Sometimes when the system is damaged and can not be resolved in other ways, then the second to last option is to install repair windows. If the repair option does not work, the final option is to reinstall windows. In the process of repair install you do not have to delete the partition and start new again. But we can be sure that all previous restore pints will be overwritten and the repair you will start again to save restore points. And another thing you should realize that the repair windows can not delete virus in the computer.

There are two approaches to repair windows. The First through the windows Desktop if it is still accessible. Simply insert the Windows Installer CD into the CD-ROM drive and choose Install - Upgrade. But IF your version is the OEM version, you do not have this option. The second option is through the usual process that is set before a first BIOS boot CD Room, through a new install as appropriate.

How To Install Windows Repair right, because there are two versions of windows that are in demand now then I give them is Windows XP and Windows 7.

Windows 7 & Vista
Windows XP

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