How to Make a ScreenShot Full Page With Add Ons Mozilla

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Usually if we want to make a screenshot would continue pressing the Prnt Scrn on paste into Paint or Photoshop. Of course this has some problems, one of them is shooting to be as undesirable. Suppose you want to create an image ScreenShot FastNcheap Blog this website. So if you use the Prnt Scrn, only a website that captured the image.His tric k here is, we use Add Ons Free from Mozilla. Add Ons his name is Awesome ScreenShot Capture.

Ok we just use it with understanding:

- Point your Mozilla browser to https: / / /.
- Click Add To Firefox to add it to the add ons> Install then Restart your Mozilla FireFox.
- To take a picture of a website that we want to capture, click the image circle that is on the corner of the toolbar.
- Or by clicking the right mouse button> Awesome screenshot> Capture Full Page.
- Click Done to continue, then click Save to save the screenshot

Add ons it also has some tools to choices Screenshot:
How to Make a ScreenShot Full Page With Add Ons Mozilla Image

- Crop Photo Feature which will cut the picture your own.
- Rectangles to make a line in a square or square.
- Ellipse to draw a line in a curved or rounded.
- Arrow to create an image of an arrow.
- Line to make a straight line.
- Free Line to make a line as we want, like a drawing.
- Blur to blur the image that we want to Screen, as there are some parts that we want to Blur.
- Text to write text into the image.
- Choose Color to change the color of the line or text color.
- Add this has 2 ounces of fruit choice image type you want to keep, ie JPG and PNG.

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