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Android is a Linux-based operating system that is devoted and restricted its use on mobile phones only. One of the highlights of this Android operating system is the availability of a platform that allows developers to create various applications of its own to then be used by all the people that use Android.

Until now, the Android operating system consists of two types. The first type is the Android operating system that has the full support of Google as a landlord. While the second type is the distribution Android operating system is really being released without any control or support from Google. Android is the second type is better known as the Open Handset

Excess Hp Android
Compared with hp smart or other smartphone, hp Android has many advantages. Some advantages of this Android hp, among them as follows.

- Android is a software for cell phones that use computer code base is distributed openly (open source). With the advantages that, users can perform a variety of development to modify ata perfected.

- In terms of the license, the Android price cheaper than a license held by the operating system developed by RIM's Blackberry, the operating system on Apple Iphone, and operating systems on PDAs that use Windows Mobile.

- Android is a Linux-based operating system, so it is safe from the threat of dangerous viruses. In addition, the performance was very stable.

- Google's Android has integrated native application, such as push email for Gmail, Google calendar, and google maps.

- Display interface is very simple so that its use is very easy.

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