Natural Disasters, Vizard Powerful Hacker Raise Funds

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Still remember with the tsunami disaster that struck Japan last March, thousands of lives have been lost, trillions of lost and damaged property hit by a wave. Not too little information assets lost to the swift pace of the tsunami. Post-tsunami, the Japanese government to do the recovery, and various organizations to raise funds for the Japanese public with the statement 'Pray for Japan'. So tergeraklah our hearts to help the people of Japan who was hit by misfortune.

It is also a way for hackers to create a variety of addresses and millions of phishing emails that spread throughout the world. Actors write and create fake email and a server to receive funding assistance (donate) from donors who felt pity. Those who finally gave donations but do not know which email and web servers are correct. It's not how much money donations given to the site 'handyman dompleng' these, only around USD 1-5. But what if there are 1 million people from around the world who give donations? Of course this will be of great value.

Phishing is one form of cyber crime of the most popular in Japan. This was conveyed by Masaki Kubo, Japan CERT / CC in information security seminar titled 'Customer Information Architecture and Security' in Surabaya recently. It's not a Japanese person who made it, because the Japanese are famous for honest and do not like to commit fraud and not evil. But the tsunami disaster in Japan is a means for hackers outside the State Sakura to seek its own advantage by making phishing scams or fraudulent emails as well as the server container for the funds, usually because this server is online to accept donations online.

How to respond? Of course not easy to distinguish where fake emails and fake server. For, so the donors are receiving phishing and clicking on it, it will connect to the fake server so that donors feel like the original server. The procedure accounted for and all that stuff including the receipt of donations and where the money is channeled described clearly, so that the necessary precautionary donors to contribute.

It's not huge donations flowing to the fake server, but when the fake servers amounted to thousands and millions of donors that amount, it is also big enough funds flowing to the black hacker and will be used as ammunition to enlarge its activities.

Title Post: Natural Disasters, Vizard Powerful Hacker Raise Funds
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Author: Dede Purnama

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