New Version of Firefox Every Three Months

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Firefox 4 has just launched in March 2011 then and the new Firefox 4 Launch Party held 29 April to 7 May 2011 in Indonesia. However, Mozilla is planning to launch Firefox 5 on June 21 2011mendatang. There is what in the world? Met at a press conference Firefox 4 Launch Party in Tiam Oey Coffee Shop, Lounge, South Jakarta, on Saturday (04/30/2011), Director of Asian Business Development Mozilla Firefox Gen Kanai said that it will be upgraded more frequently.

"If a new version of Firefox then there is every once a year, now we will be upgraded 4 times a year. We're trying to satisfy users with the features you need faster," said Gen Kanai. Thus, the latest version of Firefox will be there every 3 months. In the same period, each user must download the latest version to stay updated and can take advantage of the latest features.

"This means that 3 months after Firefox 5, 6 and Firefox will have the next three months there will be Firefox 7," Kanai said that this time it came to Indonesia for Firefox 4 Launch Party event in 6 major cities of the country.

Then, what not to bother and membingkan must renew every 3 months? Kanai said, "Basically we will always meet the needs of users.'ll Probably users can upgrade automatically." Kanai added a year to get the latest version too long. "Now there are many browsers, so we need to develop strategies to compete with others," he explained.

Kanai invites to not think too much about the version number of Firefox, but rather focus on the advantages gained. For example in the speed and security provided by the latest version. Kanai admit, in the latest version there may be some features that are reduced but the user needs to be seen.

"We also will delay the release of certain features if it is not the right time," he said. About Firefox 5 that will be launched within 1.5 months, Kanai said, "You will not be able to see the difference, because the difference is more on the changes in his engine." So far, Indonesia is the second largest country in Asia to use Firefox. A total of 3.3 million Firefox 4 has been downloaded in Indonesia with a market share of 80 percent, far above the other.

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