Nokia Soon 'Kill' Ovi

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Ovi brand actually already familiar in the minds of users of the Nokia as a value added service of the world's biggest mobile phone vendor. But suddenly Nokia decided to 'kill' the brand Ovi and turn it into a Nokia Service. Yes, as quoted from the official blog Nokia, the Finnish vendor has just announced that any services under the Ovi umbrella will be re-branding into Nokia.

"We made ​​the decision to change the brand of our services from Ovi to Nokia. By concentrating our services in a single identity of the brand, not two, we will strengthen Nokia's powerful brand and unify our brand architecture," said Jerri DeVard, Chief Marketing Officer of Nokia. The transition from Ovi to Nokia will begin in July 2011 with a target fully completed by the end of 2012. Later a new Nokia phone buyers may be able to see the changes, while previous Nokia users will see the re-branding through software update.

"The reason for this decision is that Nokia is a popular and much loved brand around the world. The experience is integrated with our mobile devices, there will be no differentiation,"said Jerri. Some parties considered, the change is related to cooperation between Nokia and Microsoft in adopting the Windows OS Phone 7. Nokia promised to change the name transition will go smoothly and keep services running as usual.

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