The People's Browser Mozilla Firefox

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Mozilla Firefox, the Firefox Browser Folk 4 Launch Party held globally takes the theme "Team Forefox". But, when brought to ground water, the theme is localized into "People Browser". What does he mean the People's Browser? Viking Karwur, Firefox Indonesian Community manager, said initial meeting to determine the local theme, the highest Firefox market share, which is 80 percent. Seeing these facts, Vikings think that Firefox is used by most people's internet users. People who meant of course the entire community, unlimited class. "From the use in the cafe or the use with laptops, mainly using Firefox," he said.

This is supported by the fact that Indonesia is the second largest downloader Firefox fourth in Asia after India. "Be the people we take the theme of the browser," said Vikings. He added, "If the other 80 percent market share it has practically a monopoly. But we certainly do not. The person we do not have advertising all sorts really."

Viking said that the amount of Firefox users due to the trust factor and the spread of word of mouth. "One man-made and considered good, and then spread to the other," said Vikings. Downloader Firefox 4 on the country recorded 3.3 million. This amount includes the largest in Asia. With a market share of 80 percent, Indonesia is also the country with the highest market share in the world.

The enthusiasm of Firefox is also shown by the number of people signed up Firefox 4 Launch Party held in six major cities in Indonesia. Recorded, 200 people attended the ceremony in Yogyakarta yesterday and 230's have signed up to attend the event which was held in Jakarta this evening. Firefox 4 Launch Party in Jakarta, held at the Theatre Roof Salihara, Pasar Minggu, South Jakarta.

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