Play Game Angry Bird Online in Google Chrome

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If you are a user of Android, you will not be familiar with the Angry Bird, one of the most famous games in Android.Kabar good, Angry Bird can now be enjoyed and played on a PC (Personal Computer) without having to buy a gadget Android. Angry Bird party developers take advantage of Chrome's App Store as a media liaison for Angry Bird can be played on computers or notebooks.

There are several requirements that must be met before playing Angry Bird on a PC:
- Your computer must have a fast internet connection.
- You should use Google Chrome web browser.
- Adobe Flash Player latest version.

If these three conditions are met, go to the official page Angry Bird Chrome Store and then click the Install button. Google will ask you to enter into a Google account (like when install Android applications). If you have entered a Google Account, click the Install button again and wait until the install process is complete. If by chance your version of Google Chrome is an older version, you must first update to the new version terlebh for Angry Bird can play smoothly.

Speed ​​internet connection that you use can also be used as a benchmark if you can play the Angry Bird smoothly. If the connection is slow enough that you wear, do not expect much Angry Bird can play smoothly. How to play this game was pretty easy, just point the mouse into the "catapult", pull on the rubber and remove the bullet to the target. Each level has its own difficulty level. And each of you made ​​it through one level, the points will multiply.

Update, May 2011
Now, without using any Google Chrome you can play the Angry Bird on a PC / Notebook. Please visit this page and immediately play Angry Bird. As before, the requirement for Angry Birds play games on PC is a fast internet connection, web browser latest version (Firefox or Opera) and do not forget on your computer must be installed Flash Player from Adobe. Good luck.

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