Police cracked Site Hacker

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There is a strange on the official website of the Republic of Indonesia National Police (INP), tucked inside a page whose content is far from the context of the scope of the authorities maintained. Monday (05/16/2011) at around 17:20 pm, Police site's main page can not be accessed without cause. However, in certain parts, is still 'live' with the content of religious overtones.

Apart from displaying religious text message, on the site also displays a picture and linked to a YouTube video with a message similar. Not yet clear what the motive for this action, until now the foreign pages still take shelter under the site is located www.polri.go.id it.

Actors did not leave a message to leave a track record, it seems common practice when the hackers infiltrated the site.


Title Post: Police cracked Site Hacker
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Author: Dede Purnama

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