Samsung Champ Duos E2652 & E2652W, Mobile Yang Twins Advanced

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After getting success Champ series (C3300K) before, Samsung is now re-released two new phones at once from the Samsung series Champ Champ Champ Duos Duos Samsung E2652 and E2652W. Both phones made ​​by Samsung is a cursory look similar, but the difference only lies in the existence of Wi-Fi use only. And even the duo cell phone time series Champ has dibesut with presence features bigger screen of about 0.2 inches compared towith Samsung Champ ( C3300K)predecessor .

In contrast to the presence of Samsung Champ (C3300K) previously, the presence of E2652 Samsung Champ and Champ Duos Duos E2652W this time has been in complete features Dual simcard. By doing so, of course Duos Samsung Champ is like having two phones in one unit. Two SIM card inserted in it at once to stand-by at the same time, by simply pressing a button to move to the desired SIM card.

On the other hand, one of the duet champ this latest series mobile phones are Samsung Champ Duos E2652W has even been equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity features in it. This has become its own advantages which distinguish between the two phones and the Champ series predecessor. And calibaration have calibaration, the presence of Wi-Fi feature was indeed implied from embedding the letter W in the back of the serial number of this latest model Duos Champ.

Alluding to the similarity with his elder brother Samsung Champ (C3300K) previously, the existence of Champ Duos Samsung figures it was generally similar. And even if viewed from dibesutnya specifications, such as resistive QVGA screen, 1.3 megapixel camera, FM radio and 3.5 mm audio jack and a microSD card slot, arguably very similar to the Samsung Champ (C3300K). For Duos Samsung Champ E2652W E2652 and it turns out both of them already equipped with a 1.3 megapixel camera, FM radio, music & video player, Bluetooth, and microSD slot up to 16GB.

Plus, with the presence of features built-in links to popular social networking sites (SNS), such as Facebook and Twitter allows users to access his online contacts available, updates and tweets faster and easier. Especially with the latest technology to treat sized 2.6-inch touch screen is, of course, makes the user to make navigation much easier, no matter whether using a finger or stylus touch it though.

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