Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 First Practice

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New official beginning of June, Samsung's 10.1-inch Galaxy Tab latest sailing released in Indonesia. But the repercussions have started buzzed by Samsung Eelctronics Indonesia since Friday (May 13) earlier. We have no doubt about the superiority. And at least Samsung has two important notes from the latest generation of this new tablet Galaxy. First, physical factors are the lightest and thinnest. Only 595 grams and 8.6 mm. Second, the network access facility, called super-fast. Because relying on qualifications HSPA + network that can theoretically work to download up to 21 Mbps speeds, also thanks to the additional antenna to receive a wave of Wi-Fi.

Use the latest Android OS, Honeycomb and dual core processors from Nvidia Tegra II, perhaps the same with products such as Asus or Acer Iconia Transformer. Samsung itself has not released the sales price. However, on Friday (May 13) evening, a Samsung Galaxy Tab 1.10 already "sold" worth USD 81 million, -

No need to wonder, for so I open the fantastic price if speaking in the context of an auction for a charity project. Winner of the auction is Wendi Chandra, megindo boss who has a few magazines in the IT world. Ownership is also marked as the first person who had a Galaxy Tab 10.1 world. Furthermore, there was no similar tablets are offered. Results auction was then changed hands to Yayasan Cinta Children Nations. A non-profit institution which has been very concerned with the fate of Indonesian young people, especially about drugs.

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