Skyfire and Miren, Alternative Web Browser Free For Android

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Bored with the default web browser from Android? Want to try a browser other than Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer Mobile? If you want you can try using a web browser like Skyfire or Miren. No doubt, Opera or Firefox is the best browser in the computer world, but if talking about smartphones, both browsers have competition from several other browsers that are specially made ​​for Smart Phones. For example, there are two favorite web browser that was specially made for the device that is mibile Miren and Skyfire.

Miren is a web browser that combines the function of "full tab" with "full screen " that will automatically hide the status bar on Android. Miren comes in with a friendly user interface and a functional widget. With a minimalist layout and full-screen mode, it takes users to be more focused look at what they were a good car on the internet to visit websites or to subscribe to the RSS feeds from online magazine. Android Users can add their own URL of the RSS feeds they want.

The other is Skyfire, a free browser webs Android allows users to personalize the toolbar using the Skybar. Skybar itself is a feature inherited from the Skyfire to adjust the position of the toolbar, exploring web content, share content through social networks and many more. Some favorite web has also been built-in on the Skyfire such as Google Reader, Twittor Button, FaceBook, SkySport and much more.

The most interesting part of Skyfire, support of flash video that is so good that Android users can meononton video with maximum quality. If you want to prove it, try to use Skyfire to watch videos on YouTube, Vimeo, Qik or another site that becomes your favorite. Until now, the Skyfire announced that more than 3 people have also tried to use Skyfire on their Android phones. Curious to try to use both a web browser? Try searching on the Android Market with keywords and Miren Skyfire Web Browser. Or, if you want to install it manually can follow the link below:

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