So the Official Android Phones Digital Wallet

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Google's Android smartphone are now able to enjoy digital wallet feature called Google Wallet. Google has launched a free mobile application to make the smartphone as electronic wallets and credit cards are designed to replace. In a press conference in New York, Google said the service was implemented in cooperation with Citibank, Mastercard, First Data and Sprint operator. Trials will be conducted and services can be used in some areas of the United States.

Google Wallet initially new Google phone could work on Nexus S which operates on the Sprint network. Then will be expanded to other Android phones, but only has the technology specialty Near Field Communication (NFC). NFC chips in mobile phones allow users who have entered their credit card details, make purchases with PayPass system of CitiMasterCard. Users simply holding the phone in the sensing device when purchasing goods and automatic payments charged to credit card.

Google Wallet can be used in 124 thousand stores in the United States. Then 311 thousand will be visited again in the world."We plan to expand internationally, first in Europe and then Asia," said Stephanie Tilenius, Google's vice president for Commerce and Payments. It is not clear whether the later also visited Indonesia.

Payment by phone is not new since it first implemented in many countries, particularly Japan and France. But Google Wallet is an electronic wallet service first introduced in the United States.Google ensures transactions through Google Wallet can be done safely. They claim security is a top priority in this new service.

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