This He, 5 Facts About Facebook

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With more than 600 million active users of Facebook, numerous studies conducted by various parties related to using the popular networking site. These studies make us to know more about how people 'treat' Facebook, and how it affects their relationships intertwine in real life. This is it for example...

1. Up to confirm that the contents smelled of sex 'sell' on up. From February to May 2010, social media expert Dan Zarrella process the 12,000 links that point to news sites and blogs. He turns to find that link about sex a lot to share on Facebook, which is equal to 90% compared with other subjects.

2. They are going out on Facebook, happier than singles. In February last year, up ever compare the user's relationship status with their happiness, judging from the positive and negative content in the update's up to them. As a result, those who are in a relationship of love, known to be happier than singles. Likewise with a married or betrothed, looks more fun than the singles.

3. As many as 21% of users drop out via Facebook. Survey in June 2010 that examined 1,000 Facebook users, found that 25% of them have been decided via Facebook. 21% of the surveyed said that they would rather end the relationship by changing the relationship status to 'single'. The study also reveals the fact that 9% of women who took the initiative to end a relationship via Facebook, while men more percentage ie 24%.

4. About 85% of women felt disturbed by his Facebook friends. From the disturbance they feel, the action complained every time that made their friends on Facebook becomes the most annoying (63%). Another Facebooker say, share your point of view on politics was also felt to interfere with (42%) and brag about the life that seems too perfect to make them uncomfortable (32%).

5. As many as 48% of people said too often a 'peep' profile ex. As many as 48% of those surveyed in January by YouTango confess that they too often mengintio Facebook and other social networking site owned by the former. Are you included?

Source: CNN

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