Transfer Service Company World's Largest

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Sending money in a time that has been advanced as now this is really easy. Utilizing sophisticated technology in banking to send money no longer surprising. You can just go into a box, insert the card, typing a personal identification number or pin number, type the destination account number and amount of money that will dikirmkan and wait a while, money was sent. Ease of transactions like that is a standard feature provided by the bank wherever. As an institution, the bank had been trusted to take care of various kinds of financial transactions. In addition to banks, companies or other institutions with expertise in financial affairs is one of Western Union.

Send money seems to have a tradition. In the old days, people familiar with the term promissory notes or services provided by the post office for exchanging money. Using a service like that takes a long time until the money reaches the recipient. Changes and developments ensued. ATM and other easily transfer services have emerged as a way out of it all.

Western Union
Although both a company or institution which deals with financial problems, Western Union is not the same with banks anywhere. If a bank serving the deposit services, it is not Western Union. Western Union is the name of a company's financial services and communications companies based in the United States. The company is headquartered in Englewood, Colorado. Meanwhile, the office that deals to take care of these matters of international marketing and commercial services located in Montvale, New Jersey. The company is the best company in the United States in the business of exchanging telegrams.

So far, Western Union has several divisions. The division develops products in the form of money transfer services, money orders or securities, and other commercial services. Headquartered in the United States, the company is developing services to various countries. In 2010, Western Union has more than 410,000 branch offices located in 240 countries. Revenues from these companies reached $ 5,000,000,000 per year.

History of Western Union
In 1851, a company called New York & Mississippi Valley Printing Telegraph Company was founded in Rochester by Hiram Sibley. Meanwhile, other companies also present a company owned by Ezra Cornell, was named New York & Western Union. It has two goals the same, these two companies also compete with strictly.

Competition ends the two companies good. Realizing that by combining these two companies to accelerate the achievement of the objectives, then the Hiram Sibley and Ezra Cornell decided to merge the two companies. Companies that joined in 1855 and changed its name to The Western Union Telegraph Company's. The company was later developed into the only one telegram delivery service company in the world. The company is monopolizing the industry as well as America's first communications empire style like that.

Western Union Advantage
The advantages of the Western Union is now widely adopted by banks in Indonesia. Western Union, reaching all over the country. Western Union provides safe, easy, fast and reliable. Some other advantages possessed by Western Union is

- The time it takes money to get to the destination address is relatively short, only a matter of seconds.
- Spread over 200 countries and 170,000 agents
- Equipped with a secure system.
- The sender and the recipient is not required to have a specific bank account.
- Cost is only weighted at pengirm money, the fees charged to recipients in the form of stamp duty fees.
- There is no limit minimum amount of money that must be sent.

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