Ultrabook, Taste Tablet Laptop from Intel

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Intel tried to create a new class in the computer market. Chip giant is trying to combine between laptop and tablet capabilities in the device they called the Ultrabook. Intel assessed creaking in the realm of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. Because the market is more in favor of a British company, ARM. Therefore, they try to strengthen his position with Ultrabook.

Ultrabook estimated as a device with a new type. He is a laptop with light weight and has features such as tablets, such as the connectivity that is always on, fast boot time and pretty thin design. Asus has released the first Ultrabook, namely Asus UX21. Other vendors are expected to follow before year-end holidays. Problem is claimed price below USD 1,000 and will gradually reach the range of $ 600.

"Computers have a variety of forms. Technological innovation is a catalyst and we believe the changes made ​​in roadmapnya Intel, along with industry collaboration, will bring exciting changes in personal computing is several years ahead," said Intel Executive Vice President Sean Maloney.

Intel looks ambitious in Ultrabook project. They even dared to target these products will reach 40% of laptops on the market next year. Intel had promised would continue to push the technology Ultrabook. Intel new generation chipset Ivy Bridge will mendayai this device in the first half of 2012.


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