Watchdog 3G, How to Easily Monitor Internet Quota Android phone

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As we all know, most of Indonesian cellular provider provides internet tariffs are expensive for users. Besides expensive, cellular provider in Indonesia also restrict users to access the Internet by imposing quota limits for each paid Internet package. Usually after the quota runs out internet speed will be reduced dramatically over 70% of the initial velocity. For example, if you use one provider speed 512 kbps with a quota of 3GB for one month, when the quota limit of 3GB a month out before the internet speed would drop dramatically to 64kbps. This is often a problem because Internet users do not know approximately how much quota you have used and how the rest of quota that can still be used.

For users of Android, you can use 3G applications on Android Market Watchdog that can be used to monitor internet quota from the internet provider you're using. Its use was fairly easy, just enter how much quota each month of your Internet access. In addition to monthly settings, 3G Watchdog can also be used to use daily or weekly quota, depending on your own desires. So would a daily, monthly or weekly all can be done easily.

Want to try using the application of 3G Watchdog? Visit the Android Market and search for applications by keyword or 3G Watchdog can also install it manually by way kungjungi this page, download aplikas to computer, copy it to the Android phone and install.

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