5 Reasons Google+ Defeat Facebook

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Google may not have a pretty good footprint in the world of social media. But Google+, a new social networking service, is their most ambitious effort to subvert Facebook. Not impossible, Facebook will eventually be threatened by Google+ lunge. Here are five reasons

1. Google + simple and easy to wear
Some of those who've tried the beta version of Google + generally gave positive ratings. Mentioned that Google + is easy to navigate and intuitive. Impression on the interface are also generally positive. In terms of functionality and visual, Google seems to start with the right steps. The menus on the Google + easy to understand. "It could soon become a solid alternative to the Facebook," wrote technology site Mashable.

2. Google has learned from Facebook
Obviously in making Google+, Google learned a lot from the current number one networking site, Facebook. As a result, Google + was launched with a simple design and some features similar to Facebook. The whole feature on Facebook aims to make users continue to access it. Google seems to recognize this, so implementing it in Google +. Not enough just to have a feature similar to Facebook, there are also many other interesting additional features and not on Facebook.

3. Google+ has some interesting core services
In general, there are some core services on Google + Profile + of Circles, Sparks + Stream, + Hangouts Huddle, and photos. It all presents several advantages that are not owned by competitors such as Facebook. Profile + Circles for example, where users share the group facilitated the easy and personal friends. After the split in the group, the user can communicate with members of one group only or the entire group at once. Then, Stream + Sparks is a version of Facebook-style news feed, but more easily filtered. Then feature Hangouts + Huddle allows users undergo a video chat.

4. Google+ integrates with various Google services.
In the area of ​​the Google + image, integrating it with Google's Picasa service. Indeed, a variety of Google products will be integrated in depth in the Google + and will continue to grow in the future. Reportedly, more than 100 different Google service has been tweaked or released to well integrated in the Google +, both in visual appearance and functionality. So the user can expect, Gmail, Google Reader, Google Music or Google Docs can be used in Goggle+.

5. Google does not want to repeat previous failures
Google Wave, Google Buzz or Google Health is a social service from Google that failed. Of course, the Internet giant is learned from these failures so that Google + does not suffer the same fate. Thus, all efforts are deployed to their best in rival Google+ Facebook superiority.


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