7 Symptoms of Virus Infected Mac Security

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Do not be deceived by the name of this application, Mac Security. At first glance it is a security application for Mac OS, but this is a malicious program disguised as a fake antivirus. This application has Trojan.Fakealert.20856 real name, and will be downloaded when you access a link from your site or social networking and run the file. This file is commonly named 'MacSecurity3s.mpkg', size 1.9 MB, and have the installer package file types.

In general, the Safari browser on Mac Os features the 'Open the save file after downloading' is already selected by default. So if it is downloaded, it will automatically install of Mac Security window will open and the user will be forced to run until completion.

Here are symptoms that occur if your computer is already infected:

1. Active at start-up splash screen and display
Each computer starts, Mac Security (Trojan.Fakealert.20856) will be activated immediately on start-ups and splash screen will appear.

2. Active on the taskbar and bring up a pop-up message
Mac Security will also be active on the taskbar and the Mac OS will display a pop-up messages at certain times.

3. Has a similar appearance antivirus program
One that makes a Mac a Mac Defender Security and other variants seem to convince the program display that is almost similar to antivirus programs. It is used to manipulate the Mac OS users that like to use an antivirus product and to be willing to pay a license.

4. Offers antivirus license through an online web
If the status of the scan shows a variant of the malware, the Mac Security will offer to the cleaning process by first purchasing a license via the internet at a cost of between $ 59.95 to $ 79.95. Virus writers have created some links fake sites is used to convince computer users.

5. Retrieving data or credit card information
When offered the process of purchasing the license via the Internet, the user will be prompted to enter data or credit card information. This is a great way to get virus maker of data or credit card information from the site links that have made such false.

6. Using email and fake websites in order to facilitate the purchase of Mac Security information
In order for computer users believe, virus makers to include emails and fake websites to facilitate the purchasing process of the Mac Security. Website address that is listed among the 'mac-defence.com' and 'macbookprotection.com'. Both of these websites were identified from Russia.

7. Integrated with Mac OS login account
To be active and running on all accounts including the Admin, Mac Security add yourself to the account login or called start-up in Windows.

Here's the method for distributing Mac Security:
-. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Poisoning
SEO Poisoning is the way the virus by using search results from a web search (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.) to trick the user to run a link (javascript) is dangerous. In this way the user will automatically download a file Defender Mac variant.

-. Facebook social networking
For those users of social networking facebook, please be careful of the sent message that displays a video link that also contains the javascript.


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