Changing The Computer To FAX

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In this post we will discuss about how to change our computer into a fax machine .. following explanation. Since the fax machine invented by Alexander Bain, many who use these facilities, especially the company. But there is also wear them at home to receive a fax from the office or friends. This machine is capable of replication on the image of a document, and send it somewhere else quickly through regular phone lines. Simple is not. let alone its usage is very easy, just insert the document to be sent to the fax, massage fax number that you want to go so soon pu documents directly to the place of destination.

But in this sophisticated era, where technology is always evolving, no longer forms such as fax fax you can see the 90's era. This sophisticated facility is now integrated in multifunctional devices such as computers. Enough with the PC and modem, you have to send documents to a regular fax or vice versa. Your PC as well as your fax. To turn a PC into a fax is not complicated, you just need a PC (Personal Computer) with a modem that supports fax facilities. Price supports fax modem that is not expensive range of Rp. 90,000 only, If you want to use an external modem, the most expensive price is eight times the internal modem. imagine if you bought a fax machine that cost-RP.3jt Rp.1jt. with that much money you can buy a computer. It is very wasteful.

Software needed to send and receive documents found many internet. Generally, e-fax application was paid. However, you can try its shareware version before deciding to buy. I'll give you some site address e-fax which you can download to try:

- Mightyfax ( for windows
- Pagesender ( for macintosh
- PMFax Lite for Linux (
- Pocket Phone Tools 4 Pro ( for PDA
- Clickfax pro ( for windows
- Fax machine ( for windows
- Fax amatic ( for windows
- Iprint2fax ( for windows
- Venta Fax & Voice ( for windows

Windows XP also provides a Fax application. These features will not be installed if you do not install windows in full. For those of you who've already installed the windows version of the standard, it could add this feature through the Add / Remove Programs / Windows Components. Check the fax services, then click next. You need Windows XP installer cd to continue the installation. Once the process is complete you can open it in start> accessories> communications> fax.

To keep in mind if you use the computer as a fax line is do not plug the telephone cord into the slot but the phone line plug into a slot in the box behind the modem. When it's all you do, then you're juggling your personal computer into a fax.

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