Mac OS Attacked Fake Antivirus

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There is no perfect computer operating system alias immune from the threat of malicious programs (malware). This includes for Mac computers, which just got a fake antivirus attack which turned out to be malicious programs. In principle, all software contains security holes and can be attacked. The question is not how well humans can create the perfect software, but if the software is popular enough so that the malware authors are interested in attacking or not?

This also happens with OS other than Windows that often echoed "invulnerable" to virus attacks. And so true is not as simple. Rogue antivirus tergress case concerns which have been the scourge of the Windows user who recently has begun to attack Mac users. Are worried about is when propaganda Vaksincom that particular OS is safe from virus attacks embedded in the minds of users. It is even more dangerous than the OS user who has been attacked by many viruses because the OS user who ingested the propaganda will tend to be less careful than many of OS user that a virus attack.

In Indonesia, antivirus phenomenon has almost become a commodity. Not only the use of antivirus products abroad, but already many emerging makers who come to enliven the local antivirus. In the midst of circulating virus, you still need to be careful because the virus also has a way to infect a computer and one of them by making use of fake antivirus programs or so-called Rogue Antivirus.

For users of Windows OS-based computer, Rogue Antivirus is one type of malware that is very avoidable. Rogue Antivirus has hundreds of variants that infect the user's computer in the world. Almost every year since 2008, variants of this malware continues to grow and spread throughout the world. And now, a target the virus to grow on other OS platforms such as Android or Mac OS because apparently both OS platforms is starting to get a large user base so shattered that myth or propaganda that no OS is immune to viruses.

Fake Antivirus Mac OS
If you are computer users with the Mac OS platform in Indonesia, please be careful. Because since May until now has been detected Rogue Antivirus attacks that infect the users of Mac OS. One variant was detected Rogue Antivirus is one of the variants of the Mac Mac Defender Security or Trojan.Fakealert20856. Rogue Antivirus actually been around since 2006, but began to spread and grow in 2008.

Rogue Antivirus variants until now have reached hundreds of types of variants that infect millions of computer users with the Windows OS in the world. For users of Mac OS, in 2008 also identified variants with names MacSweeper Rogue Antivirus and iMunizator.

While the current variants of Rogue Antivirus is spreading and developing the Mac Defender. Mac Defender itself has 5 types of variants: Defender Mac, Mac Guard, Protector Mac, Mac and Mac Security Shield. All 5 types of these variants have emerged since May 2011 and is still spreading and growing. The first variant is Mac Defender spread using the Facebook social networking media to spread a message to display a video.

Varian Mac Mac Security Protector and spreads by exploiting results on google image search. For Mac variants Guard spread and thrive by being able to installed without requiring a password. As for the last variant is Mac Shield comes after Apple released the latest patch update for a block against Mac Defender. Shield Mac variants capable of penetrating the latest patch is so easily installed on Mac OS computers.

To-5 Mac Defender variants have the same ability that generate pop-up antivirus scan, and retrieve information or personal data, especially relating to credit cards. Moreover, in general you will be asked to purchase a license antivirus Mac Defender is worth USD 59.95 to $ 79.95.

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