This is the Future Technology From Symantec's Backup

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Information explosion and the rising popularity of virtualization has created pressure on data centers, while many companies struggling to backup the new system in a virtual environment with a greater density. That is what is claimed to make a recovery and business continuity remain at risk. Ironically, although many of the technologies created to facilitate this, but in practice it was too disturbing technology.

"Symantec knows these challenges and define a new vision to help companies shorten backup and recovery, lower costs and reduce complexity," said Deepak Mohan, senior vice president, Information Management Group, Symantec. The following is Symantec's vision for the future of backup.

More protection for Virtual Machines
Symantec has incorporated the technology Vray in NetBackup and Backup Exec. This service provides the ability to see such as X-rays for the administrators in understanding their virtual environments.

V-Ray to present a transparent image backups across physical and virtual environments with one solution, so that all systems and applications efficiently protected and users can expand their virtual infrastructure more easily and confidently.

The End of Integration Complexity
Symantec will expand its solutions backed up by Backup Exec is integrated with specialized hardware.

Faster backups
IT Administrator or IT service providers are often asked to perform backups in quick time. Therefore, Symantec plans to shorten the time by introducing a new technology that are expected to work 100 times faster than the current backup.

The End of Speculative Recovery
Symantec plans to bring healing and discovery technology for large enterprises with NetBackup. This new search will give better control and help them identify the data that must be maintained for the purposes of eDiscovery.

Symantec Enterprise Vault will complement the capabilities of this quest as a complete archiving and eDiscovery solutions for users of legal and IT divisions.

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